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To Mom, On Your Birthday

Posted on May 20, 2014 by in Mom | 4 comments

My mom would have been 63 today – she’d actually probably hate for me to be publicising that! While there are no words to describe how much Kimmi and I miss her and how hard it still is for us to believe how our lives changed over night six months ago, my mom lived an extraordinary life and that deserves some celebration.

This photo album is just the beginning as I hope to build on it as more and more of our friends and family send through their photos. I know that so many of us miss seeing her face and hearing that laughter of hers!!! I hope this page helps to keep her memory alive and for everyone who misses her to visit it every now and then.

Happy birthday mom!! I love you, I love you, I love you!!

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  1. Awesome. What great photos. Happy birthday liz. Lots of love to the family xxx

  2. Keri what beautiful memories. Thank you for putting this together. Hardly a day goes by without Lizzy Miss Dizzy crossing my mind and today is no different !

  3. What a special woman,lady,friend and most of all mom !! Miss her sooo much…happy bday Liz!! are even more beautiful now…Love T

  4. What a beautiful life and what a beautiful person! Can’t believe how much you look alike :). This is such a special tribute. xxx

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